Elite One Motorsports provides a wide range of automotive products engineered to improve performance, longevity, safety and reliability. These products offer superior overall value and many are used by top race teams, including Formula One, the IRL and NASCAR.   Elite One Motorsports performs independent research on products using respected public domain testing resources (e.g., American Petroleum Institute, American Society of Testing and Materials, Society of Automotive Engineers, etc.).  Customer testimonials point to superior product performance in customer race, marine, commercial, and fleet applications.  

WHEELS:  High Performance Wheels 16" through 20" diameters.  See our many wheel brands and sizes to choose from.  We use supplier Fitment Quality Control approval processes to confirm offset, center bore and bolt pattern compliance.       

TIRES:  All-Season, High Performance, Ultra Performance, Speed Trial, Drag, SUV, Light Truck and other tires to meet your needs and budget.  Tires mounted and balanced for free.   

CROSS-DRILLED ROTORS + KEVLAR PADS:  30,000 psi tensile strength steel rotors, with perfect parallelism.  Most cadmium plated and all are balanced during the manufacturing process.  Use our Axxis Metal Master or 911 Extreme kevlar pads with these cross-drilled rotors for greatly improved braking performance and durability. 

CATZ LIGHTS:  Watt for watt, the most powerful light on the market thanks to photometric reflective engineering.  Exacting Japanese quality.  No disappointments. Driving, fog, multi-bulb and spot designs using white, hyperwhite, gold, blue, chrome blue, yellow and more.  Send us your PIAA or other quote and we try to price match and offer an additional discount up to 12%.  Your quote should include shipping, handling, zip code, and quote source.  We also offer HID units.     

NEW SUBARUS AND PERFORMANCE PARTS:  We offer WRXs and All Subaru Models at discount.  Also, New Pro-Rally tested components coming soon!!  Differential Covers, Struts, Strut Towers, Intakes and much more.  (Sorry, Turn3 now out of business and we are now out of stock)

SYNTHETIC OILS AND LUBRICANTS:  Our NEO, Lucas, MILITEC-1 and Amsoil products are superb.  Soon, we will be offering an exclusive Formula One tested engine additive under our Elite One Motorsports label. 

NEW and USED CARS AND TRUCKS:  Get a quote at, below or slightly above invoice.  We can arrange for a very competitive lease on any vehicle made in the world and if you wish to purchase, we offer over 24 makes.  Also, 2nd chance credit opportunities through a special creditor.  Delivery in Metro Washington DC area or shipment arranged.     

SEND US YOUR VEHICLE PHOTOS:  We encourage you to send us your photos for our car gallery.

RACING DECALS:  Elite One Motorsports racing decals for your rear quarter glass or windshield.  Our white vinyl decals are the perfect tuner image enhancement.

We highly endorse the following car care products, please click banners above or below:

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